Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC, NCAC I, SAP, ERYT-200

Call or text: 520.465.7880 


Professional Coaching

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Professional Coaching offers a unique relationship. It pairs a certified coach with an individual longing to bring clarity, purpose and change to his or her life. The relationship between coach and client is one of trust and openness. It is based on developing a working partnership and an exchange of energy.

The coach guides the client to develop personal or professional goals and then helps the client stay on task as he or she moves through the process of bringing those goals into fruition. The coach encourages the client through a series of ‘coaching tools’ and coaching techniques specific to the art of coaching. I have a unique style of openness, warmth and sincerity. I am willing to ask powerful questions that encourage deep reflection. I am adept at providing intuitive feedback and insight designed to help you self-evaluate. I am known to be a master at zeroing in on the precise areas which may be blocking self-awareness. I support you through this change.

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