Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC, NCAC I, SAP, ERYT-200

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"I appreciate Rebecca as more than a coach. I appreciate her as a witness to a dialogue that allows me to hear myself and learn from it, as well as from her coaching. 

   Quite simply, for how she hears and listens and responds: with an aware heart and mind, that first listens actively and poses powerful questions that aren't always easy to hear or answer but ultimately are what are needed. To have a coach who will have fierce conversations is what I want even when my ego may want something else. 

   Rebecca is skillful at "seeing" into the core of the matter and with simple honesty that allows for ME, to be honest with myself. Her agenda is to be a catalyst for self-awareness that moves into action and causes positive changes.  She is first a Seeker. God bless her sense of humor" 

DD, writer (Bellevue, WA)

"As a professional coach, I unequivocally recommend Rebecca.  Her professional approach, along with her intuitive and skillful techniques, helped me to discover new ways of looking at things. I now have a better sense of what I need to do in order to reach my goals. Sometimes, we just need someone to help us create a clearer vision of what the future looks
like and how to get there.  Rebecca is definitely that person."  JC, (Philadelphia, PA)

"Rebecca helped me decide to move from my home of 23 years (where I came into sobriety). The area and it's people no longer acted in my best interest. It was a daunting task and project. I believe that it was her that guided me through those so very narrow paths. I experienced that it is possible to live and thrive in another place. 

     Rebecca's style is direct. Like taking a paring knife and peeling a cucumber for a salad. As the process unfolds I became aware of all the ingredients and decisions that made up the moving of a life. Indeed, it was worth the money and the time it took.

     I have recommended Rebecca to a close friend who has some life issues to tease apart and to learn about. It feels that my friend is most definitely moving forward"  WS, artist (Taos, NM)

"Rebecca has a positive outlook on life and can intuitively see the potential in people. She has a deep grasp of recovery. Rebecca coached me to see through my own obstacles. She is motivated and did not let up as she moved me to think outside the box" DJY, Business Owner (Olalla, WA)

"I now have the ability to make decisions for myself without needing the approval of others - specifically my mother. It feels great. I have more confidence, more self-esteem.  Now I don't need a plan 'B' because my plan 'A' is going to work" 
AN, Office Manager (Green Valley, AZ)

"Rebecca helped me move out of a depressive state last winter and get clarity on how to prioritize my issues" RM, Teacher (Portland. OR)

"I want to send our thanks and appreciation for your help during our family crisis last August. Your understanding of our situation and straight forward advice probably saved our marriage and definitely brought a new level of cooperation in our extended family" 
GP & JP, Intervention Clients (Tacoma, WA)

"I feel so much better about my future and my life. You have given me a plan" AP, College Student, (Tucson, AZ)
Professional Coach's Comments
~ "I really appreciate her expertise, wisdom and training," Quebec, Canada 
~ "She has a presence and a strength. I feel I am in capable hands," Palm Springs, CA 
~ "She will persist until she understands you," Sacramento, CA 
    ~ "She knows how to build a sense of community," Olympic Peninsula, WA 
~ "She is fierce, inspirational and intelligent, " Seattle, WA 
~ "She is professional, listens without judgement, does not leak her opinion, and asks good questions," New York, NY